The book should be packaged in such a way that the external elements won’t be able to reach in damage the contents inside. Logistically it has to go through a channel where it has to change so many hands that it may end up not in the condition that you had sent it. There are so many concerns that the sender has to take care that the book received by the customer is in the right state. If not, there is a chance of losing out on business. Try the new book mailers in town.

How book mailing should be

The book mailing aspect should look into not only the security concerns that the book is not stolen in transit or damaged but also it has to have the easy of opening. The customer has to open the packaging and get to the contents without damaging the book in process. The packaging should be fool proof,  yet it shouldn’t result in the person receiving it struggling to open it. The need for the packaging to be sustainable, to should not made of plastics and get be dumped . But bio degradable materials used to get the then again recycled and used once again perhaps again in packaging. Make use of book mailers. Continue Reading