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Nowadays, whisky has received a lot of attention from innovative and creative brewers from all around the world. Different types and variations of the whiskies are available. Advancement in technology might give manufacturers ability to control all aspects of the whisky production which from growing of malt and other grains, to harvest, preparation, blending, distillation, aging, packaging and transportation. Light whiskies might bring fresh fruits like pear along with the grassy notes and light nut. Smoky whisky brings in the spices such as ginger, heat and smoke with the long finishes. Choosing good whisky might be challenging task when you are not having much experience drinking it.

Types of whiskies

You might find out dozens of the whisky brands from the local liquors are available. Each whisky is using different combination of the raw materials, distillation, fermentation techniques and aging process in order to achieve unique flavor. It is the generic term which is used to describe spirits made from grain mash which might vary in aroma, taste and color based on type of the grain. Each type of the whisky is having specific set of rules for how it might be made. It is produced in many countries across the world with Japan, Australia and United States. Single malt whisky could be made from water and malted barley in the pot still. It might come from the single distillery but it contains whisky from the multiple batches or barrels. You can read anmeldelser af whisky which are really beneficial to pick best whisky. While choosing the whisky, you can follow some tips such as

  • Decide which type of the whisky you like
  • Learn difference between single malts and blends
  • Pick older whisky
  • Understand effect of the different barrels on whisky
  • Learn about regions within Scotland

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